User Guides

Linux Mint provides user guides to guide you through the installation and the usage of the desktop.

Cinnamon Edition

LanguageVersionDownload link
English English 17 PDF
Dutch Dutch 16 PDF
Hungarian Hungarian 17 PDF

MATE Edition

LanguageVersionDownload links
English English 17 PDF
Chinese Chinese 11 PDF
Dutch Dutch 15 PDF
Bengali Bengali 11 PDF
Bulgarian Bulgarian 14 PDF
Catalan Catalan 13 PDF
Czech Czech 10 PDF
French French 9 PDF
German German 9 PDF
Greek Greek 5 PDF
Hungarian Hungarian 17 PDF
Italian Italian 13 PDF
Indonesian Indonesian 13 PDF
Japanese Japanese 15 PDF
Montenegrin Montenegrin 15 PDF
Persian Persian 15 PDF
Polish Polish 17 PDF
Portuguese Portuguese 13 PDF
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil) 7 PDF
Russian Russian 11 PDF
Serbian Serbian 15 PDF
Slovak Slovak 15 PDF
Spanish Spanish 13 PDF
Swedish Swedish 4 PDF
Turkish Turkish 16 PDF
Ukrainian Ukrainian 13 PDF

KDE Edition

LanguageVersionDownload link
French French 9 PDF
Ukrainian Ukrainian 12 PDF

Interactive User Guide

LanguageVersionDownload link
French French 13 PDF

Source and older versions

If you are looking for ...
  • The User Guide in .ODT format
  • Older versions of the User Guide in a particular language
... please visit this page.