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Linux Mint 19.1 codenamed ‘Tessa’

Fri, 07 Sep 2018 12:57:06 +0000

The second release in the Linux Mint 19.x series will be named “Tessa”. Linux Mint 19.1 is estimated to be released around November/December 2018 and will be supported until 2023. Linux Mint 19 users will have the ability to upgrade. This upgrade will be both easy and safe and it will be performed via the […]

Monthly News – August 2018

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 14:59:21 +0000

Many thanks to all of you, for your donations and for your support. I hope you had a great summer (or winter if you live in the South hemisphere). Here we’re eager to get into September, with LMDE 3 and Mint 19 behind us, we’re ready to get started on some of the big projects. […]

How to upgrade to LMDE 3

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 14:33:30 +0000

If you’ve been waiting for this I’d like to thank you for your patience. It is now possible to upgrade the Cinnamon edition of LMDE 2 to version 3. The upgrade instructions are available at: Take your time Read all the instructions and take the time to understand them, ask for help if you’re […]

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