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Faster app-launching in Cinnamon

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 11:18:48 +0000

The development team took some time earlier this year to investigate Cinnamon’s performance when it comes to launching applications. It’s really hard to measure the actual time between the moment the mouse button is clicked and the moment the new application is rendered on the screen, with its window properly mapped, and the mapping window […]

Monthly News – February 2018

Fri, 09 Mar 2018 10:48:18 +0000

Many thanks to all the donors and sponsors who help fund our project. We received close to 500 donations in January. Many thanks to you for your support. Sponsorships: Linux Mint is proudly sponsored by: Platinum Sponsors: Gold Sponsors: Silver Sponsors: Bronze Sponsors: Community Sponsors: Aliaksei Budnikau AlterWebHost Anonymous anselm Best Web Hosting – […]

Monthly News – January 2018

Fri, 26 Jan 2018 16:39:37 +0000

Hello everyone. Things are very exciting for us at the moment. This is the start of a new year, we’re working on two new bases (Ubuntu 18.04 for Linux Mint 19 and Debian 9 for LMDE 3) and rather than diving straight into the development cycle, and working on fixing bugs and developing new features, […]

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