What's new in Linux Mint 8 Helena LXDE Community Edition?

Based on Linux Mint 8 Main Edition, Linux 2.6.31, Openbox, PCManFM 0.5.2, and Xorg 7.4, Linux Mint 8 LXDE Edition features a complete and familiar desktop experience while being low on resource usage and is suitable for a good variety of older hardware.

Linux Mint 8 "Helena" LXDE

Exaile Music Player

Exaile offers an excellent compromise between features and resource usage, and was chosen for this edition based on this. It features excellent CDDB support, tabbed playlists, good support for many portable media players and internet radio stations.

Menu improvements

Unlike many other LXDE based distributions, the Software Mangager, Package Manager and Terminal have been added to the top level menu in order to facilitate quicker and easier access to these applications.

Upstream Improvements

This release also features all the improvements of Linux Mint 8 "Helena"