Local Communities

Local communities are independent groups of Linux Mint users. They promote the distribution and they benefit from a very close relationship with Linux Mint.

The role of a local community is to:

  • Provide a place for users to gather, to support each others and to interact in their language
  • Translate the User Guide
  • Translate the ISO images
  • Organize localized or local events
  • Promote Linux Mint locally

Linux Mint officially recognizes and promotes the following communities:


Mauritius Indra Cybercafe


Bangladesh Linux Mint Bangladesh
Japan Linux Mint Japan


Belgium Linux Mint Users Belgium
Czech Republic Linux Mint Czech
Finland Linux Mint Suomi
France Linux Mint France
Germany LinuxMintUsers.de
Greece Linux Mint Greece
Hungary Linux Mint Hungary
Italy Linux Mint Italia
Netherlands Linux Mint Nederland
Poland Linux Mint Polska
Romania Linux Mint Romania
Russia mintlinux.ru
Serbia Linux Mint Serbia
Sweden Linux Mint Sweden
Turkey Linux Mint Turkiye

South America

Brazil Linux Mint Brazil